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Around Episode 541, I could tell that Ryan and Anthony were ready to start boning, and I respected that but moreso I really seriously wanted to finish watching the marathon because we didn't get MTV in boarding school.

So then they just got it on anyhow, and I was like, hey, actually, that's kinda hot, but I was really mostly interested in the marathon. I wasn't going to keep that fucker's name, but I sure as hell kept a shitload of his money."(Cherie strides over to the hair station)Cherie: "Is this where you want me? Lesbian Squabble #15: My Clothes are More Special Than Your Haircut. I don't know what the fight was about at first, but then eventually Tina just gets pissed that Bette bought an expensive shirt for all of her meditation retreats, aka Jennifer Beals' pregnancy. I do need special clothes for everything, EVERYTHING.

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Maybe they should have this as the opening instead of "Girls in Tight Dresses."Now I will quote the Planet Podcast, on the topic of Angus' cute-ness level, relative to other token males on The L Word:"Angus was adorable in this episode and I have a huge crush on him now. Tina: You're acting like I have some big secret internet sex life. "Okay, um, this is pretty much the greatest thing to happen since Season One. But Carmen thinks that Shane should: Carmen: "Tell her to go fuck herself. The Moment of Truth: Tina: I just have all these feelings that I don't know what to do's so fucked up...I don't know what I'm doing. because the hottest thing ever is about to happen!! )Shane, looking gorgeous, arrives at La Casa de Cherie-with-her-Maiden Name.

Put some eyeliner on the guy, and he becomes adorable. So anyhow, some of the guys have been good looking and some of the guys that are supposed to be good looking have been boring and/or repulsive."Lesbian Squabble #13: Adult-Friend-Finder In the Ring: Bette and Tina/Lindsy76Tina totally tries to lie about the dizzle between her and her internet boyfriend, but Bette went to Yale. Bette: No, Tina, I think you're the one acting like that. Lara is trying to find treatments and information online to help Dana and Dana is so not having it. Act like you have a girlfriend."She stomps off in her ridiculous heels. You can bring the girlfriend, but I'd prefer to see you alone."See what you done, Carmen? So Alice is totally on the phone with Helena (yes, that's a topless photo up there) after having sex with Uta (for the first time that night), which is funny, because that's also something I would do. : Dana cries when she cums because she's afraid it could be the last time.

The sooner we start this ship, the sooner we reach the shore, and on the shore is a fantastic sex scene that I have already re-watched no less than ten bazillion times. We're back on this little narrative and Frank, the threesome-is-better-than-hell's-fire dude, is on a preaching tour in the Bible Belt, where he stops to get his fudge packed.

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