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18-Jan-2016 19:14

This is a result of the IASB issuing amendments to IFRS 10, IFRS 12, ' Disclosure of interests in other entities' and IAS 27, ' Separate financial statements', on 31 October 2012.

The amendment to IFRS 10 defines an investment entity and introduces an exception to consolidation.

A parent company can acquire another company by purchasing its net assets or by purchasing a majority share of its common stock.

Regardless of the method of acquisition; direct costs, costs of issuing securities and indirect costs are treated as follows: Treatment to the acquiring company: When purchasing the net assets the acquiring company records in its books the receipt of the net assets and the disbursement of cash, the creation of a liability or the issuance of stock as a form of payment for the transfer.

Consolidation is the practice, in business, of legally combining two or more organizations into a single new one.

Upon consolidation, the original organizations cease to exist and are supplanted by a new entity.Under the Halsbury's Laws of England, 'amalgamation' is defined as "a blending together of two or more undertakings into one undertaking, the shareholders of each blending company, becoming, substantially, the shareholders of the blended undertakings.