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12-Apr-2016 00:08

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Do you have lots of Excel sheets to merge into one?You can download and use our merge macro or Add-In.These were written in excel 2007 and were part of a larger process. Screen Updating = False My Path = "C:\Documents and Settings\path\to" Set wb Dst = This Workbook str Filename = Dir(My Path & "\*.xls", vb Normal) If Len(str Filename) = 0 Then Exit Sub Do Until str Filename = "" Set wb Src = Workbooks. Sub Combine WSs() Dim wb Dst As Workbook Dim wb Src As Workbook Dim ws Src As Worksheet Dim My Path As String Dim str Filename As String Application. Open(Filename:=My Path & "\" & str Filename) Set ws Src = wb Src.

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Today we will tackle a problem that many Excel users are struggling with daily - how to merge multiple Excel sheets into one without copying and pasting.If data is not available in the Source Worksheet(i.e Input Worksheet) , data will not be updated in the consolidated Worksheet. Count Then Msg Box "There are not enough rows to place the data in the Consolidate_Data worksheet." Go To If Error End If '5.4: Copy data to the 'consolidated_data' Work Sheet Src Rng. We have called these functions in the above procedure at step 5.1 and 5.2.

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