Dating vintage clothing guide

14-Apr-2016 16:13

Advantage in Vintage: I think one of the biggest misconceptions out there with relation to vintage clothing is that plastic zips didn’t exist before the late Fifties. Today I will show you some different zips and ways of spotting particularly early ones, as this is always greatly useful in dating vintage clothing.

Issue Date: 1959 Model: 850 Box Date: 1959 Hair Color: Blonde/Brunette (might look strawberry blonde), flocked head. 1959 Box (Gay Parisienne fashion bottom-right) 1959 Barbie Fashion Booklet Black Disc stand with Prongs #1/Wire #2 Black & White Swimsuit Black Mules (open-toe shoes) Gold Hoop Earrings White Sunglasses The same faded body color as the #1 and #2's but with brown shadow makes the #3 look rather anemic. It may be difficult to tell 3's and 4's apart if the shadow is blue. Originally, the #4 Ponytail looked much like the #3, minus the brown shadow, but a new kind of vinyl was used for the #4's that doesn't fade like the previous dolls. Issue Date: 1961 Model: 850 Box Date: 1959 Hair Color: Brunette, Titian, shades of Blonde and the rare colors: white ginger and brownette (see middle photos below). In general, dolls being sold in person or by established dealers that collectors trust will bring more than dolls being sold on e Bay because of the fraud risk e Bay poses.Schiaparelli used them not just as a fastening device but a decorative component.When I visited the exhibition of her work at the Met museum last year I was surprised to notice quite how heavy duty the zips on her light and feminine evening dresses were.Many brick and mortar stores allow try ons, but the sizes on the tags inside of mid-century era fashions are very different from the sizing of today.

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And a lot of older or antique clothing have no tags at all.

There's really no mistaking Mattel's first Barbie dolls for any of the others because of their distinctive cat eyes and dramatically arched eyebrows. A rare Ken doll issued by JC Penney had light brown hair (see photo below).

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